Click to enlarge20" LARGE BAMBOO Deer Chaser
Classic Deer Scarer
Zen Water Garden Fountain
Japanese Shishi Odoshi water spout

This classic Japanese garden feature, known as Shishi Odoshi or Deer Scarer is a mesmerizing water feature. The gentle rocking motion of the bamboo, combined with the sound of the bamboo striking its destination is delightfully tranquil. Some people liken the experience to a Zen garden, with the gentle tapping of the bamboo marking time.

We have a modified design of the traditional deer chaser to simplify installation and improve it's durability. Our design is a one-piece unit that is affixed to a board for stability. The product is easily installed without the need for tools.

Details of the bamboo deer scarer:

Bamboo water Spouts: It stands 2o" tall.

Submersible pump: The deer scarer comes with a 110 V, 120 gallon per hour adjustable submersible pump, installation instructions, as well as design hints and tips.

Bamboo Material: Bamboo: Since we use only solid bamboo (as opposed to hollow bamboo), the product is crack resistant and very durable in harsh climates. By touching and holding the water spout, the quality and craftsmanship is apparent.

Top ten great uses for creative water gardening:

- Transform a special container into a tropical paradise

- FENG SHUI: running water promotes wealth and abundance

- Create your own private tropical hideaway

- Cats and dogs love the sound and running water

- Birds are attracted to water movement

- A great, inexpensive gift idea with MUCH ALOHA

- Bamboo brings tranquility to a hectic work space

- The happy gurgling sound drowns out traffic noise

- Create an instant Zen water garden with plants and fish

- Add an exotic touch to your existing pond

Shipping cost to Continental USA: $36.50 Please contact us for other locations.

20" LARGE BAMBOO Deer Chaser Scarer Water Garden Fountain. Zen Japanese Shishi Odoshi water garden feature. IN STOCK NOW!!
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